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Spray tans are completely optional for our dancers.

We are excited to be partnering with Chelsea from Spray of Sunshine Tans to offer our competition dancers Spray Tans before each competition. Spray tanning is completely optional but Spray of Sunshine Tans is our preferred vendor. She works great with children and has years of experience.

Be sure you have filled out the waiver before signing up.

Tanning Waiver

Click the button below to reserve your spot.

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Pre Tan Instructions:

  1. Exfoliate the night before. Scrubbie gloves from dollar tree are great!

  2. Day of tan make sure dancer has no lotions or oils on their skin. (Deodorant is ok, I will have baby wipes for the girls to wipe off before I tan them.) 

  3. Dancers will tan with undies unless parents are present and prefer no lines.

  4. Bring loose pajama pants, loose T-shirt and sandals to wear home and sleep in. It is very important they have loose comfy clothes to sleep in to eliminate skin to skin rubbing during development over night. 

Post Tan Care:

  1.  After tan avoid any water and moisture (sweating) that night. Do not wash hands that night so that everything develops evenly

  2. Be careful not to sleep on hands or have the hands resting on any part of the body. Pajama pants and long sleeves help avoid that during sleep.

  3. Shower in the morning, pat dry and lotion up. Cerave is the my favorite. Great for your skin and excellent for spray tans. Native from Walmart is a good one too. Avoid any fragrance lotions.

  4. Hydration and lotion morning and night is key to keep their tans looking fresh.


Avoid the pool and jacuzzi before the competition.

Spray of Sunshine Tans

Chelsea Haukom


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