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At Touch of Class Dance Academy, being a part of our Competition Team requires a higher level of dedication from both the dancers and their parents compared to the average dance class. When a dancer joins our competition team, they commit to being an active participant for the entire dance season. It's essential to recognize that leaving the team midway through the year adversely impacts everyone involved, so we kindly ask you to consider this commitment seriously before enrolling in the program.

Interested in joining our competition team? 


What To Expect

At the beginning of the season, we will provide each dancer with a comprehensive schedule of events for the upcoming year. To ensure the team's success, it is imperative that all competition team members attend all scheduled classes and be available for ALL competitions and performances throughout the season. We understand that some dancers may be engaged in other programs with specific time commitments, such as dance teams, cheerleading, sports programs, etc. If you have any such commitments, please inform us in advance, as this will enable us to plan accordingly.

At the beginning of each season, most school programs and extracurricular activities typically announce their schedules, making it easier to coordinate your various commitments. Open communication about any potential time conflicts will help us work together harmoniously and ensure that all our dancers have a rewarding and fulfilling experience as part of the competition team.

We value the dedication and passion that each team member brings, and we're excited to embark on this dance journey together. By upholding our commitment to the team and each other, we can create a supportive and successful environment for everyone involved. We look forward to an exceptional year of growth, achievements, and unforgettable performances.


More Information Coming Soon!

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