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Ready to start dancing? Click the button below to enroll.

Annual Registration Fee

The yearly registration fee of $30 fee or $40 fee per family will be added to your JackRabbit account on August 1st.


Note: The system will allow you to enroll in any class, however, if you enroll your dancer in a class that is not recommended, he/she will be removed.

How to Enroll for Recommended Classes

1. You will need to login to your JackRabbit account.

Click here to access your account.

2. Under 'Looking For A Class', click on 'Find Classes'

3. Scroll till you find the class you are wanting to enroll in and click on 'View Details & Enroll'

4. Once in 'Class Details', click on 'Enroll in this Class' to go to the 'Enroll' page

5. On the 'Enroll' page, select Student by hitting box next to the Students Name, then hit “Enroll” towards the top of the page.

6. Repeat these steps for each additional class you would like to enroll in.

Note: Failure to enroll your dancer for a class through the online portal, means he/she will not be enrolled in that class and the spot may be taken by another dancer.

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