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June 30, 2024


Funville Stage

(located in the race track infield)

Arrival Info

Please plan to arrive early to allow enough time for the check in process. We ask all dancers to arrive at the Funville Stage by 4:30pm, dressed in their first dance costume.


We are unable to hold the show for any dancer who arrives late.


Please do not attempt to enter the dressing room until told to do so by a Touch of Class employee. Please do not ask the stage crew.


You may pick up your fair entrance card at the office starting, Monday, June 24th.  We have been provided cards for the dancers plus one chaperone. Chaperones must be with the entertainer at the time of check-in. Entrance cards can be used at any entrance this year but can only be used on June 30th. Any one attempting to use this ticket on another date will be banned from any future performances.


If you need to purchase additional tickets please visit  PLEASE NOTE: We do not have extra tickets, so if you misplace your card you will need to purchase a ticket.  


In order to pick up your ticket we will need a parent or guardian to sign a waiver. These will be available at the studio starting Monday as well.

Costumes, Hair & Make Up

Hair: Dancers are asked to have their hair in a slicked back low pony.


Make Up: We recommend base, eye-shadow, mascara, blush, and lipstick. Make-up should look nice and neat.

Costumes: Please click HERE

Performance Line Up


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